Founded in 1972 with the goal producing wire and household appliance products. Even is one of the major supplier of these products in the field of its sector. Despite the storage of inadequate facilities in the beginning,  putting in forward innovation and customer pleasing. Our firm started its activity with producing spring mattress and then expanding its product range, we produced the first steel based ironing board. Now on the expanded production line we have been producing SG2 welding wire, steel wire, barded wire, processed wire and straightened wire.

Evin has 24.400 square meters covered, 39.000 square meters open and totally 63.400 square meters production space. Evin the region’s unrivaled leader, provides its domestic and foreign market customers with full range of services. Evin’s strive is to be involved in high value products everywhere since it was founded. Even has continued its growth trend and has produced many technological innovations. The growth is due to its operational policy based on prudent investments.

That customers needs are satisfied acording to the production contracts with desired quality level in time consists the basic policy Evin Company, we proved this policy getting the Quality Certificate of ISO 9001:2000. We have the proud of taking the place we desired and keeping this position for years.
We see this stage as the start of new developments not as a result after these successfull years.